Mobility Equity

About Mobility Equity

Welcome to the New Mix Project’s Mobility Equity webpage!

As part of the New Mix Project, the Connecticut Department of Transportation is undertaking a Mobility Equity Analysis in Waterbury.   

Mobility Equity can be defined as a transportation system that provides accessible, reliable, affordable, and safe transportation options for all community members whether they walk, bike, take public transit, or use a personal motor vehicle.  Mobility equity exists when all transportation users in a given community have access to these transportation options, including frequent public transit and safe, welcoming pathways for pedestrians and bicyclists.


How will the Mobility Equity Analysis Occur?

The Mobility Equity Analysis will occur in 3 stages:

  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Identification of Solutions
  • Incorporation of Solutions


How will Data Collection Occur?

The New Mix Project’s Mobility Equity Analysis includes a survey to gather information about the experiences of Waterbury-area residents and commuters in relation to safe, convenient, and accessible pedestrian and bicycle routes and public transit options. This data will then be analyzed.

Anyone who completes the survey will automatically receive a free one-ride CTtransit bus pass and be entered into a drawing for a $100 Visa® gift card.


What will be done with the Mobility Equity Survey Results?

The results of the Mobility Equity Analysis will be used to identify and prioritize areas of improvement to bring about more safe, reliable, and convenient transportation for all Waterbury-area residents and commuters.


How can I take the Mobility Equity Survey?

The survey is available in both hard copy and electronically.

Request a hard copy survey by calling us at 203-805-8018 or emailing us at

Access the survey electronically by clicking here now!



Download the Fact Sheet (English) here.

Download the Fact Sheet (Spanish) here.

Review the Survey Results

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Review the survey results